Lashes On Red Carpet

Being in front of dozens of cameras, your favorite stars need to always look fantastic on the red carpet. After all, the whole world is watching these famous faces that grace their favorite films and TV shows. Whatever these celebrities wear and however they are styled will surely become the next trend in fashion tomorrow.

One of the most popular  tips today is the red carpet eyelash look. This is dramatic, thick, and makes the star’s eyes really stand out. There are several ways to achieve this look at home on your own, depending on your eyelashes and the end-look.


  1. Use Mascara

This is a good option if your eyelashes are already on the thick side to begin with. You will not need false eyelashes to fluff it, instead, you just need the dramatic curl and longer lashes.

First, you would need to curl your lashes and then apply the first coat of mascara. Dust the eyelashes with translucent powder to make each lash thicker. Then you can add another coat of mascara to add some more drama to your lash.


  1. Use Two Strips of Fake Eyelashes

This is a great option for those with shorter and thinner eyelashes. You start by drawing a cat eye with a gel liner. You can start applying the first strip of eyelashes. One trick is to put some glue on the back of your hand and then using tweezers, drag the strip through the glue. This gives you a bit more control over the application.

Prepare to add the glue to the next lash and apply it once the glue is tacky. You should lay the second set on top of the first strip. To end, apply one or two coats of mascara after the glue has fully dried.


  1. Use 3D Lashes

There are also faux eyelashes that are thicker and as the name suggests, look three-dimensional. They are thicker and more dramatic than ordinary fake eyelash strips. They are also applied the same way as the fake eyelashes, so there is no need to practice putting it on. After you finish putting it on, you can add a coat of mascara for a thicker effect.


  1. Add Individual Lashes

Some people, unfortunately, have very thin and short eyelashes, which means they require a bit of help to achieve the spider lash look. However, it is not impossible if you are willing to do a bit of work.

The key is to use individual fake lashes on each and every lash so that you will see a full transformation of your usually-bare lash line. To achieve an interesting contour, you can opt for single lashes of different lengths. Do not forget the mascara in the end.


  1. Go For A Cat-eye Look

The spider lash look is not just confined to bulking the entire lash line. Some stars opt to thicken only at the end for a more dramatic and elongated look. If you have smaller eyes, this approach will make your eyes appear larger and a bit more angled. Moreover, lots of women sleep on their side, such that the lashes on the corner become curly and look shorter than the midline ones.


  1. Opt For A Doe-eyed Look

Even some celebrities like to make it less dramatic, which is why this doe-eyed look is perfect. This appears lighter because you will not work on making the whole lash line thick. Instead, some single fake eyelashes are applied to the upper lash line to make them longer and to produce a curve that you may not have seen before.

Achieving your red carpet eyelash look is not that complicated, you can easily do it at home on your own. However, the option to use individual faux eyelashes will require some professional help so unless you really have thin eyelashes, you can opt for a different solution.

Whether you are going to a formal occasion or to a date, you can use a dramatic red carpet eyelash look to charm anyone. Batting your eyes with thicker eyelashes will also make you look more flirtatious, so do not be surprised if you suddenly get attention from the opposite sex.